What the ____ Does Fitness Really Mean Anyway?

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So, what is fitness really?


In simple terms, physical fitness is broken down into 5 elements: Cardiovascular Fitness, Muscular Strength and Muscular Endurance, Flexibility, and Body Composition or a healthy BMI and Body Fat Percentage. Beyond these, maintaining a fitness routine can help us prevent and improve lifestyle based ailments such as having unhealthy blood pressurecholesterol levels, and blood sugar. Exercise can also be a very effective stress reliever and can aid in getting good sleep.


Fitness is different for everybody. For example, fit for a football player is different than fit for a rower, dancer, soccer player, or you. All 5 elements of fitness are necessary for health and peak functioning, but based on individual needs we might choose to develop our body in different ways; dancers need flexibility in different ways than football players, and rowers need muscular endurance in a different way than soccer players.


So, the real answer to what fitness is depends on what you want to be fit for. We are all subject to our genetics, but our bodies are remarkably adaptable, so continue a balanced routine geared toward your goals and over time, your body will adapt to become fit in the ways you choose. Be sure to adjust your routine often to avoid plateaus and include strength training, cardio exercise, flexibility training, and proper nutrition and hydration in your routine to achieve your goals. Fitness should be fun, so wether it’s dancing, cycling, hiking, swimming, surfing, martrial arts, intense fitness, triathlons, or whatever it is that gets you moving and smiling, be sure to include your favorite activities as part of your fitness routine.


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Author: Tony Montijo, BS Kinesiology, CPT, CES