The Value of CranioSacral Therapy

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CranioSacralCranioSacral Therapy is a gentle approach for releasing restrictions deep within the body to help relieve pain and dysfunction. In the early 1900s osteopathic physician William Sutherland discovered that cranial sutures were designed to express small degrees of motion throughout life. He originated and taught a system of manipulating cranial bones called cranial osteopathy to osteopathic physicians for many years.

As a result of his extensive research beginning in the 1970s John Upledger D.O. developed a body of work focused on normalizing the membranes and cerebrospinal fluid surrounding the brain and spinal cord. He named his method CranioSacral Therapy and began teaching his therapeutic techniques to non-osteopaths.

The CranioSacral practitioner evaluates the craniosacral system using subtle palpatory skills and gently encourages the client’s body to self-correct. By enhancing the body’s innate self-healing mechanisms, CranioSacral Therapy helps to alleviate headaches, migraines,fibromyalgia, TMJ Syndrome, scoliosis, stress related disorders, chronic pain and many other conditions.

CranioSacral Therapy is done lying on a massage table with the client wearing loose, comfortable clothing. Many individuals experience a sense of profound relaxation and well-being along with therapeutic benefits.


Our brain and nervous system affect every other part of our body. Maintaining proper alignment of the spine and skull can play a dramatic role in a person’s health. Contact the Author, or browse our Merchant Directory to find local holistic merchants in your area.


Author: Joy Athans R.N., H.H.P. of San Diego, CA