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Welcome to the ChiSpree Wellness Encyclopedia!   This encyclopedia was developed to assist you in understanding what wellness is, to provide information on a variety of holistic methods and services that can contribute to a person’s well-being.   While many non-medical wellness based approaches have been shown to be very helpful in preventing and reversing […]

Creating Healthy Relationships

Love Coach Greg

Relationships, romantic, or not so romantic… are a cornerstone of life. When we are young we are led by hormones and romance stories to believe that the perfect someone is out there, if we could only find him or her.  And if we could just find that one true love, we would live happily ever […]

Ten Questions When Planning for Financial Security


Stress free… in any situation…     What is the sign of a good decision?® It’s clarifying what you want to achieve, what you value and how uncertainties affect plans and aspirations – turning plans into action and goals into reality. Ten questions and answers When thinking about how to protect your livelihood or build the […]

Disability Facts that Might Surprise You

Stress Free

Stress free… in any situation…     In times like these, good decisions matter. And when it comes to protecting a portion of your income from disability risks, it’s important to base your decision on the facts. In the case of disability, some of those facts might surprise you.   For example, more than one-quarter of today’s […]

What are Health and Wellness; Sounds Simple Right?

Healthy Body Chiropractor

 What is wellness?   Health and Wellness are very broad ideas with a multitude of considerations. According to the World Health Organization, health is defined as “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”. For some, health has been considered simply to be the absence […]

Stress: Rule IT!

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Stress is some thing that can be all to present, but can be managed.   Stress is a very broad yet individual topic. How stress affects our bodies is automatic, but we are able to control how much it affects us through stress management. In general, there are two types of stress, positive and negative. […]

Common Diseases – A Matter of Choice?

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Take control of what you can to get the most out of life! There are many factors that contribute to some of the most common medical conditions including genetics and lifestyle. We of course do not have control over our genetics, but the lifestyle choices we make can play a big role in determining our […]

Relaxation Techniques – Not Just for Hippies Anymore

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Relaxation techniques are for everyone.   Aside from reducing stress, anxiety, and anger, incorporating relaxation into our overall wellness routine can benefit both mental and physical health and can have big benefits such as lowering blood pressure and heart rate and relieving muscle tension, relieve headaches, improve sleep, and more. Many relaxation techniques are scientifically proven to […]

One Tip to a Healthier You: Learning to Calm Your Fight or Flight Patterns

Fight or Flight, Tame it to Tame your Stress   When we become threatened, we experience a surge of chemicals designed to allow us to survive through whatever the event is. The physiological effects are increased adrenaline, acceleration of heart and lung action, shaking, dilation of pupils and more. Cortisol, known as the “stress hormone,” […]

Setting Goals – If You Don’t Have ‘Em, You wont Reach ‘Em

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Be SMART, set goals!   Goals are one of the most important aspects to getting all the way to where you want to be with your Health, Fitness, and overall Wellbeing. Whether you want to run a marathon, be “beach ready”, be more relaxed; whatever it is, setting goals will help you get there. It […]