Financial Wellbeing: Quality, not Quantity

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FinancialFinancial wellness does not mean that you have to be super rich to be happy.


Financial Wellness is really about having a healthy relationship with money, understanding where you stand with your finances, and being prepared for the future. All of these things together will help you to feel less stress and more confidence.

In today’s world we can’t hide from money or look the other way, and we can’t only save or only spend. Single track thinking about money is likely to lead to stress and discomfort in one way or another. It’s no fun to feel like you can never spend and must only save; you will miss out on the enjoyment that the money you work for can bring you. On the other hand, spending so much that you can’t make ends meet leads to a lot of stress and risk for the future. Just like other aspects of wellness, financial wellbeing requires a balance. It is best to evaluate your current status as well as anticipate the future as best as you can in order to make informed decisions as to what choices you make in the present.

This kind of balanced and thoughtful approach will leave you feeling comfortable with what you are spending, help you enjoy your hard earned money, and allow you to feel confident that you are prepared for the future at the same time.


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Author: Tony Montijo, BS Kinesiology, CPT, CES