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What will being part of the Chi-Spree Merchant Community do for your Business?

  • ¬†Provides you with a risk free advertising opportunity that harnesses the power of group-buying and social media.
  • Generates a new source of cash flow.
  • Chi-Spree not only helps build your brand awareness, but actually brings new customers through your door so you can show them first hand what you offer and what you do best.
  • Helps you reach and sell to new targeted audiences with the opportunity to up-sell and gain repeat business.
  • Use integrated social Share and Earn tools to promote your own deal, increase your success, and improve your own wellness at the same time.
  • Track sales and verify vouchers with our easy to use Merchant Dashboard.
  • We spend money to give you exposure to tons of new people so you don’t have to.
  • Zero cost for your businesses!


What Makes Chi-Spree different than the other guys?

  • Chi-Spree reaches a targeted audience of individuals who are actually interested in wellness services, not just people looking for anything that’s cheap.
  • We only work with wellness businesses, not everything under the sun, again helping to reach the right audience for your business.
  • Your business will be listed on our site and continue to be a marketing source¬†for free even after your deal is done.
  • We pass on your portion of sales in full every month, not one little bit at a time like some other guys.
  • We provide a comprehensive Wellness Encyclopedia that helps educate customers and builds value for your services.
  • For new and small businesses with limited resources, we can serve as your website with a map and all of your contact info.
  • With every purchase we give back by contributing to qualified charitable organizations.


Some compiled stats:

-60% of online buyers use discount vouchers and coupons weekly

-88% of group buyers say they use vouchers to try and discover new services

-87% of group buyers say they generally spend more than the value of the voucher

-93% of retailers using group buying sites would use them again

What does Forbes.com say about daily deal sites for marketing?


Your business has everything to gain in 3 Easy Steps:

1. Create an account for your business with your own information and image

2. Propose a deal from your Merchant Dashboard

3. Confirm your information and terms of the deal with our administrator

We do the rest!


Our site is always growing! If you would like to help others and direct more traffic to your business listing by contributing to our Wellness Encyclopedia, please submit your article through your Merchant Account page.

Contact our administrator with any of your needs: