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Healthy, happy employees mean higher productivity and profits.


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For most of us, work is where a large percentage of our time and lives are spent. It’s up to the employer to ensure that the workplace environment is a place where employees are productive and retained, but what actually contributes to that?  Consider the time, money, training, supplies, and resources that go into each worker. What are you doing to help your employees feel good in the workplace and in turn to protect the investments in them? What can you do to keep employees happy and productive long term? How does this affect your bottom line?

There are a number of factors that contribute to a productive workplace, but almost nothing can damage a workplace like poor morale.

Two of the greatest steps an employer can take is to show their employees that they care, then to empower their employees to help themselves. Can you imagine a workforce of fully trained, almost never absent, fully alert, fully productive, happy employees? How great would that be, and how much easier would it be if each person were responsible for themselves? Just like bad rumours can spread, so can positive morale. This kind of positive environment is infectious and with the right resources, it can be simple for the employer to set in motion.


So how does the ChiSpree B2B Employee Wellness Program work?

We create easy to use and administrate, cost-effective solutions, customized to each client’s individual needs. Our goals are simple: to facilitate a vibrant, productive, happy workplace with as little cost and effort to the company as possible.

We recognise that every business and workforce is not the same, therefore, through our proprietary programs and community partnerships, we offer a variety of options so that you and your employees can select what will be the best fit for your group.


Here’s what we offer:

  • A Worksite Environmental Assessment to help guide changes to the work environment
  • Tools to help form a wellness committee that will empower your employees
  • Resources to help create a healthy environment such as healthy challenges, incentives, and motivational posters
  • Weekly health tips by email.
  • Special discounts for your group at local health and wellness providers
  • Options for employer sponsored wellness services and activities
  • Worksite Health Fairs to help educate your employees on healthy lifestyle options
  • Health education seminars with local experts to give your employees the information that will help them with the issues that they are facing
  • Employee Biometric and Lifestyle Screenings to track employee health and progress.


We look forward to serving you and your employees. Please contact us for more information, or to get started: info@chispree.com