Creating Healthy Relationships

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Relationships, romantic, or not so romantic… are a cornerstone of life.


When we are young we are led by hormones and romance stories to believe that the perfect someone is out there, if we could only find him or her.  And if we could just find that one true love, we would live happily ever after.  In truth, we are taught next to nothing about how to create and grow a healthy, loving relationship.  What we learn is a hodgepodge of more or less functional and mostly subconscious examples from our parents, movies, and our own random experiments.

Great relationships start with authenticity and emotional honesty, and grow through real listening and empathy.  A relationship coach can help you learn and master these and many other skills necessary for the happiness that begins at home.  And if your relationship is struggling, a relationship coach can help you discover the unmet needs and emotional blocks that are keeping you from a life full of love.


Our relationships are an important component of an overall healthy lifestyle. If you’re in a relationship, or even if you’re single, bringing as much love into your life as possible is a foundation to health. Contact the Author, or browse our Merchant Directory to find local holistic merchants in your area.


Author: Greg Young – Love Coach Greg of San Diego, CA