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So, what the heck does ChiSpree mean?

Chi, in Traditional Chinese Medicine, is our “life energy” or “life force”, referring to the health, vitality, and energy of living things

Spree, is a period of unrestrained activity, an outburst; like a shopping spree.


ChiSpree was formed in order to help YOU on your journey to wellness, health, fitness, whatever you want to call it!  We  help you get the information you need and get you connected to health and wellness professionals who will help you get what you want. We have worked hard to bring you special offers at the best local businesses to help give you the opportunity to start new and healthy routines.

Wellness isn’t just going to the gym and eating salad, its an individual lifestyle. Whether it’s surf lessons, a shaman with a steam hut, or coconut skin oil, whatever it is that makes you feel healthy and balanced, we want to get you linked up with what’s going to work for you. This is your chance and now is your time; take charge of your health and future!


Our Businesses:

When it comes to wellness, we have done the research so that you only get the best. All of our merchants are carefully selected to ensure your comfort and to make sure all you have to do is enjoy and reap the benefits. Our goal is to find smaller, local businesses that can provide the individualized attention that you deserve.


Our Story:

Tony MontijoChiSpree was founded by Tony Montijo, a local San Diego, health and wellness professional, personal trainer, everything outdoors lover, dreamer, and all around nice guy. While Tony was a full time personal trainer and health coach, the vision for what ChiSpree is now began to form. Tony realized that working on his own, there would be a limit to how many people he could impact and assist with their health and wellbeing; at the same time recognizing that everyone has unique interests, goals, and needs that he may not be able to fill. Tony wanted to find a way to help health seekers discover the perfect services to fill their needs and help them start incorporating these services into their lives. With these ideas in mind as well as a constant vision of creating a company that would be completely beneficial for everybody involved, what ChiSpree is now began to take form. We are a catalyst for positive change and support a healthy planet with healthy people and communities by powering our website with 100% green wind energy and supporting social causes by donating to trustworthy charities with every purchase.


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Create an account, click on any deal, use the Share and Earn links to share with friends. When one of them makes their first purchase, you receive $5 credit! There is NO LIMIT, the more you share, the more you can earn!


If you know of a great business that is part of your routine and want to share it with others, please refer them  to us by emailing to: info@chi-spree.com, or use the social sharing links on the main page to forward our site to them.


For Wellness Businesses:

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